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Workshop 3: Participatory research, Covid-19, researcher and research participants’ safety.

Delivered by: Dr Debra Allnock, Dr Camille Warrington and member of Young Researchers Advisory Panel. 

When: Tuesday, 21st June, 09.30 – 12.00 via WebEx (online). 


This session will explore case studies of undertaking participatory research work in the context of covid – drawing on both the work of the Safer Young Lives Research Centre’s Young Research Advisory Panel (YRAP) and a range of project specific participatory research experiences undertaken by the team and partners during Covid-19 both in the UK and LMIC with young people affected by forms of violence and abuse.


It will consider additional challenges and opportunities posed by remote working and their relationship to ethics and participant safety. Examples of strategies for dealing with some of these challenges will be shared and time spent considering how they may be adapted in different cultural contexts.  


Dr. Debbie Allnock is a Senior Research Fellow at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire.  She is currently seconded to Norfolk Constabulary leading research within the Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme.  Debbie has recently co-led, along with Dr Warrington, participatory research with young people who have experienced sexual abuse in adolescence exploring their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs.  Her expertise is in the field of child protection, safeguarding and child sexual abuse, as well as young people’s engagement and experiences with the police.


Dr Camille Warrington is a Senior Research fellow at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire where she has led and developed the research centres work on participatory research practice. The centre's work focuses specifically on adolescence and extra familial harm and has a particular focus on young people’s experiences of welfare and justice responses to sexual violence. She set up and developed the centres Young Research Advisory Panel (YRAP) which aims to ensure youth and lived experience perspectives inform research and policy relating to sexual violence in both the UK and internationally. She has led a range of participatory research projects including those using creative methods focusing on justice, welfare and mental wellbeing after sexual violence in childhood and adolescence. Camille also works at the University of Edinburgh Social Work department where she has supported participatory research relating to children and domestic abuse.


TBC: member of Young Researchers Advisory Panel.

Files and a video-recording

(Please note these are accessible to registered participants using a password which you should have received by email)

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