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MMRN Annual Conference 2019

May 9 - 10, 2019



Craiglockhart Campus

Edinburgh Napier University  

Getting Stuck...Moving On...

Day 1 (May 9): Join us in exploring the interrelations of structure and agency, space and time in both the ‘traditional’ forms and sites of confinement (ghettos, camps, places of detention, prisons and other places of exception), and within conceived social, political and economic contexts which enable and sustain the processes of being ‘stuck’, the states of ‘stuckness’, and the acts of ‘moving on’ as part of everyday life mobility.

Day 2 (May 10): Join us for a day of interactive sessions delivered by activists and researchers working and researching with vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups, including people on the move. Our three distinct sessions will focus on visual research, participatory research, issues of translation in research, and our own positionality when researching migration and mobilities.




More information: Our Programme

Access conference presentations: Conference Presentations 

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